A Portion Of Every Purchase Goes To Fighting Human Trafficking

Other than providing exceptional customer service and quality fireplaces, we here at Expression Fireplaces feel passionate about fighting the worldwide epidemic of human trafficking. There are currently 30 million slaves in the world – 10 million of those are children. As a family owned and operated company, we believe in the sacredness of children and know how incredibly precious every child is. We want to aid in the fight to protect the innocence of children and end the exploitation and abuse.

Because of this we donate a percentage of our profits to the Operation Underground Railroad organization or O.U.R.

Created in 2013, O.U.R. has assembled a team of trained operatives to rescue and rehabilitate child sex trafficking victims all over the world. Over the last 6 years O.U.R. has saved 4,100 victims and assisted in arresting over 2,300 traffickers around the globe.

Please join us in the fight against human trafficking and together we can save our children. Below are some informational links where you can learn more about O.U.R. and how you can help.

O.U.R.’s Mission

How to Donate

Recognize the Signs of Human Trafficking